Healthcare Investment Trends Worldwide

medical advancementLike pretty much everything in the world, these days, the healthcare industry is changing in a rapid rate. This applies to the global market as well, not just the ones in developed countries. Tracking investment trends in these industries is crucial for many reasons, the most obvious of which is to see which direction the field of medical technology is heading.

Now, it’s worth noting that there are plenty of ways to keep track of trends related to investments in any field. There are tools and seminars for that, many of which are available at affordable rates via voucher codes. However, it’s always useful to at least have some ideas first.


Machine Surgery

Adoption of machines that participate in surgery has been slow, but it has shown signs of picking up speed over the last few years. Forecasts suggest heavier investments in supercomputers, drills, and robotics capable of performing surgery, especially in developed countries. Machines that can cut tumors with more precision and can shave surgery time significantly are already finding their way into the market.


Medical IoT

One of the hottest topics in healthcare investment is the advent of medical IoT or Internet of Things. These are basically devices that help to monitor vital signs and other health factors, with some intended to assist with bodily functions. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has even bought a company working on a brain implant to treat neurological illnesses, included Dementia and Alzheimer’s.


Healthcare AutomationLaproscopic Surgery Robot

Finally, there’s the matter of automation, which is something that the healthcare investment industry has been keeping a close eye on. It’s just a fact that the world is heading towards a future where everything is done via artificial intelligence and automated machinery, which also applies to the medical sector.

For example, experts are predicting that robot companions and assistants equipped with basic AI will start replacing human health workers in hospice care and even during surgeries. Even physicians are at risk of losing their jobs to robots, with several AI projects working on advanced diagnostics technology. Some examples include machines that can diagnose potential health issues via eye scan with up to 90% accuracy.

6 Responses to “Healthcare Investment Trends Worldwide”

  1. Drew says:

    I think it the advancement of technology in terms of medical procedures saves much lives compared to anything we have witnessed in the past few years. This is really interesting!

  2. Nancy says:

    This is a very sensitive issue. Using AI to conduct medical procedures is scary.

  3. Sheldon says:

    Yup, medical advancement needs to be a top priority in hospitals and clinics. This is the best investment they can have so far.

  4. Andrew says:

    AI in the medical field is very sensitive issue. Many people still are not convinced on how efficient these machines are, and how big their help have been for hospitals and clinics. I guess we have to put aside all fears about AI.

  5. Andre says:

    Most companies spend large amounts for research and development of vaccines and others. I think aside from corporate responsibility, humanity is on the edge of more technological advancement.

    • Donnalyn says:

      Governments have invested large sums of money to protect their citizens. Medical breakthroughs, though not that frequent, are celebrated no matter how small.

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